Alex Stewart on the set of Thief Trackers

Alex Stewart is a journalist and television presenter. A former serving officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, Alex uses his insight and expertise on BBC1’s new series of Thief Trackers.

Alex has also worked with several production companies in a consultancy capacity. He is able to advise on crime and policing for both drama and documentary.

He has written extensively about a variety of topics, especially policing and sport, for The Guardian, BBC Sport Website, The Blizzard, and digital experts LiveWire Sport, among others.

“Alex’s expertise was crucial in setting the tone for the programme and rooting it in reality” – Hamish Fergusson, series producer at Dragonfly Film and TV

“Alex’s intelligent writing style has the rare knack of entertaining, engaging and enlightening all at once. One of the few football writers whose work excites me” – Mark Godfrey, editor of The Football Pink

For all enquiries, please contact Alex by email, at afhstewart(at)gmail(dot)com